I'm so happy you found me!

Who am I? Well, I'm a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a crime TV addict, and a lover of all things sweet. If you are looking for a photographer who takes photos where everyone is looking perfectly at the camera and always has big smiles on their face, then I am 100% NOT the photographer for you. I am however the photographer that will help you embrace and capture the amazing chaos of life while making sure you enjoy every minute of your session with me.

I'm a mom of three, so let me assure you, chaos is my superpower. I find joy in not just freezing some of the most chaotic moments in our lives, but also in the lives of the people we encounter. Those frozen moments then become our return tickets to a time that would otherwise pass us by. I know, I know, cue the sappy music. Just think about it this way, our babies won’t be babies forever, our relationships don’t always stay in that honeymoon phase, and our families grow and change every single day so those pictures become gateways to stories you can tell for years to come.

Photo credit: Kayla D Photography

My kids are the reason I fell in love with photography and my husband is without a doubt the reason that I’m committed to never stop pursuing it. However, the fact that I get to tell people’s stories through those frozen moments has not only become a passion but it’s also become an obsession in the best ways possible. I start every session with the desire to capture all of the emotion and love that can sometimes completely escape our memories when we think back to different times of our lives.

I can’t wait to help you tell your story